Patient benefits of laparoscopy

Minimally invasive surgery means

Less surgical trauma of muscular subcutaneous and other delicate tissues

Quicker recovery from surgery

Less pain associated with the surgery, including the benefit of using local anaesthetic blocks

No skin suture removal required for most patients

Laparoscopy during an ovariectomy means

Better visualisation of the anatomy being operated on

Visual assurance of all ovarian tissue excised

Meticulous haemostasis and precise cautery

Practice benefits with Simply Keyhole

Hassle-free installation of your laparoscopy service

We take care of your specific requirements, from determining your equipment to training the whole practice staff about your new laparoscopy service

Gold standard neutering safely offered to your clients soon after deciding to start laparoscopy

Access to unique clinical resources and learning materials

You can provide innovation for your whole practice and refreshing training for your clinical team

Transform the most common surgical procedure and improve the profits associated with it

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