Equipment assembly videos

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Bipolar Cautery

Screw outer casing (silver) onto the cautery handle – must be done first before inserting forceps.

Gently close the delicate cautery tips together with finger and thumb.

Push button on top of handle and gently insert the cautery forceps insert into the outer casing and click into place. Don’t force the cautery insert.

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Robi (cautery with scissors)

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Close scissor jaws with fingers. Insert scissors into black outer casing, as with babcock forceps. Twist the end 90 degrees once inserted to lock in place.

Attach black handle (the one without the ratchet) Has dial on handle to allow scissors to be oriented during surgery.

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Babcock Forceps

Babcock forceps into black outer casing. Once inserted twist the Babcock end 90 degrees to lock in place.

Attach black handle on to the end – should just click into place. Use the handle with the ratchet to allow forceps to be locked in place.

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Screw the top on each port using firm pressure. Check seals are intact and in place. Check screw on gas valve is tight and close the valve.

Remove pin and you can place this under the kit drape.

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Veress needle

Screw both parts together. Check screw on gas valve is tight. Check spring action is working.