Surgical Teaching

During the two day installation at your practice we will be there for your first few live keyhole spays.

Equipment Guidelines

With a Simply Keyhole installation nursing staff receive training on the specialised equipment that is used to perform laparoscopy. We provide online training as well as in person demonstrations to ensure the equipment is cleaned, handled and maintained properly. This allows longevity of expensive instruments, and a quick set up and turn around of equipment when performing surgery.

Online Learning

You’ll receive access to our online learning platform before and after the two day installation in person. This means efficient learning and references you can look back on as and when required.

We provide online training for laparoscopic ovariectomy a number of other common laparoscopic procedures.

All Staff Training

Remove the logistic and staff training hurdles. We present to and teach the whole practice during our two day installation, giving advice on recommending laparoscopic spays to your clients. This can mean you are able to effectively convert conventional spays to the more modern technique.

Order Assistance

We’ll advise on equipment orders for your individual practice needs. Send us photos and descriptions of your current set up, if any, and we’ll help you work out what is best for your practice. Budget, current caseload and future ambitions are all taken into consideration. We work with connections in all the major equipment providers.

Client Information

We provide information for your client advice and marketing, which goes hand in hand with the training provided to your front of house team. Customise leaflets with your practice logo so clients can take home information about what procedure is best for their pet.

How it works

Review the Benefits

Take a look at the benefits to your practice as well as the patient benefits.

Don’t forget to also talk to your colleagues and decide to provide laparoscopy at your practice.

Talk to Us

You can contact us here, email us at or call us on +44 (0)131 564 0125.
We’ll answer any questions you have about keyhole spays and how Simply Keyhole works.

Finance & Equipment

We’ll summarise the equipment required and get you in contact with the ideal suppliers for your situation.
We will also give you advice regarding the finances involved, including your return on investment.

Resources Sent to You

As your order progresses you will be sent a laparoscopy training box to provide hands-on simulations. As well as many other resources.


When your equipment arrives we will do a live installation over two days with a whole practice education session included.

Start Performing Laparoscopy!

Start giving your patients and clients the best surgical care by performing your first laparoscopic ovariectomies on your own!