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Welcome to Simply Keyhole:
Versatile laparoscopy training solutions

From setup and installation, to online courses and ongoing support. We have packages to suit your needs.

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Simply Keyhole was founded to vastly raise the standard of elective surgical procedures and the welfare of pets by assisting general veterinary practices with laparoscopy services.


We provide our laparoscopy installation services across the UK and Europe. With our invaluable 2-day training visits and online learning courses, we aim to become Europe’s leading laparoscopy installation provider.


We feel passionate about the benefits of laparoscopy for pets in veterinary care, ensuring all pets across the country have access to minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Our experience and expertise maximises the benefits of laparoscopy to your practice.

Founded and managed by a team of veterinary surgeons, Simply Keyhole brings a wealth of knowledge to every installation, with more than 1000 laparoscopy procedures performed.

Setting up a laparoscopy service can bring some challenges, but with Simply Keyhole they shouldn’t get in your way, meaning you can start providing modern surgical options to your clients as soon as possible.