Our Start-Up Package is a comprehensive service, for practices thinking about laparoscopy. We also offer other packages which may be suitable if you are already performing some keyhole surgery. If none of them suit you, just get in touch! We can create bespoke packages to suit your needs.

Start-Up Package

Our most popular package – offering support from the very beginning, even if you’re just thinking about whether laparoscopy is right for you.

Here’s how it works:


Start-Up Package

Our most popular package – offering support from the very beginning, even if you’re just thinking about whether laparoscopy is right for you.

Here’s how it works:

Review the benefits of laparoscopy for your business, team, clients and patients

Talk to us – call or email and we will answer any questions you have about keyhole surgery

Finance and Equipment

We will put you in touch with equipment suppliers to provide demos and quotes, then explain all the quotes and make sure you get everything you need (which can vary between practices). We work with all major equipment suppliers, and there are options to suit all budgets and ambitions.

We can assist with sourcing finance and ROI requests. Bear in mind laparoscopic equipment can offer one of the fastest returns on investment for equipment in general practice!

Training Resources

When you have ordered your equipment, there’s usually a 2-3 month wait for delivery. We will get a date in the diary for our visit at this time.

You’ll then gain access to our online training materials, including videos and guides on all the procedures and equipment care. There are also marketing tools to help explain the benefits to clients.

We send a laparoscopic simulator to loan for a few weeks, for the surgeons to start practicing their techniques!


Once you have your equipment we visit your practice for two days, during which we:

Teach your surgeons hands on how to perform laparoscopic spays (or other procedures, if more appropriate for your case load)

Discuss all trouble-shooting required during these procedures, so you are prepared for any challenges

Support your nursing team with patient and equipment care

Give a presentation explaining keyhole surgery benefits to your front of house team and consulting vets and nurses.

Grow your laparoscopic service!

We leave your surgeons safe and confident to perform their next procedures without us

Your client facing team will be enthusiastic about recommending laparoscopy, ensuring a throughput of cases to maintain team confidence

Enjoy the financial and welfare benefits of your new service!

You have our support via phone or email as needed after our visit, and ongoing access to our online training materials for new members of the team for 12 months

Grow Package

For surgeons or practices with some experience in laparoscopy.

This service would suit:

  • A practice wanting to train an extra couple of vets in laparoscopy, but struggling to find the time
  • A surgeon who hasn’t performed keyhole surgery for a time, or is lacking in confidence
  • A team struggling to build up the case load, maybe there’s a knowledge or confidence gap so the recommendations aren’t strong. Addressing this will ensure you are using the equipment to its full potential.

As always, during our visit our whole team approach will refresh everyone’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the progressive techniques you have adopted.

What you get:

  • 12 month subscription to our online resources (clinical training and marketing materials)
  • Loan of laparoscopic simulator for 3 weeks before our visit
  • 1 day of live training in your practice, enabling us to spend time with the team and teach two or three keyhole procedures
  • Advice as needed after our visit, via phone or email

Support Pack

For teams requiring distance learning and support.

What you get:

  • 12 month subscription to our online resources (procedure videos and guides, equipment care videos, marketing materials for clients, presentations for client facing team)
  • Phone or email advice as needed (equipment options, additional procedures, getting the team on board)
  • Discount on our Grow Package if you do decide you would like us to visit for a day of hands on teaching

Online Resource Pack

If you’d like to extend your online subscription beyond 12 months after our visit, or you are already performing laparoscopy but would like access to our videos and guides for your clients and team.

What you get:

  • 12 months subscription to our online resources, offering:
    • Videos of laparoscopic ovariectomy, lap-assisted gastropexy, lap-assisted cryptorchid castration, laparoscopic liver biopsy, lap-assisted ovariohysterectomy, feline lap spay
    • Equipment handling, cleaning and packing guides and videos
    • Client leaflets and posters
    • Social media assets
    • Client facing team presentation to improve confidence in recommending procedures


Bespoke Packages

We can design bespoke packages for any practice needs, contact us today for more information.