Simply Keyhole was born in 2017.

Rory started a laparoscopic service in his own General Practice in Scotland in 2012 (and was only the second vet to offer it in Scotland at the time).

Having experienced all the challenges of navigating different equipment options and quotes, having to leave the practice to attend non-realistic cadaver courses, and then come back to the practice to do the first live surgeries alone, he knew there had to be a better way!

Rory taught Becky laparoscopy when she joined his practice in 2013, and the ideas started growing.

We knew that having someone there to support surgeons in their first live operations would be far less stressful for them, as well as much safer for the patients. We also realised how challenging it can be to get a service to grow when only one or two members of the team understand it.

So, we created Simply Keyhole. After many hours of filming and writing to create our online support, and visiting friends at our pilot practices to develop our invaluable in-practice training, we were ready to start offering our service across the UK and Europe.

Simply Keyhole has gone from strength to strength. We are honoured to have trained many incredible practices, who praise our comprehensive approach. Many of them achieve 90+% conversion to keyhole spays within 12 months. A clear sign of team and client confidence. We are proud to be providing safe and accessible training, enabling a greater uptake of minimally invasive surgical methods, and immensely benefitting animal welfare.

If you’re already performing laparoscopy in practice, but would like to grow the service, train more vets or learn new procedures, get in touch to discuss bespoke packages for your needs!